Who we are

The primary mission of United International University Library is to support and enhance the university’s learning-centered educational, research, and public service activities by providing access to information and scholarly resources in support of scholarship by University students and faculty. The UIU Library offers regular services such as circulation, reference, counseling, indexing, bibliographical documentation, back up services, retrospective searches etc.

Computing Facilities

The IT services at United International University provide the university library with adequate facilities. Under the present arrangement, there are fully network capable internet connected computers ready for use in the library .It allows students to perform research work digitally. Outlets are available for students to connect laptops and other electronic devices.

Digital Research

The University International University Library allows certain mechanisms for digital research. Information may come in many forms and guises. At the UIU Library, one finds not only a variety of print and non-print forms, such as books, CDs, journals, and magazines, but also a modern customized database. Users may find research materials, slides and A/V Cassettes, search a number of CD-ROM database.

Periodicals and Publications

The United Library subscribes to a variety of Periodicals and publications of academic, cultural and ethical significance. These periodicals and publications come in both digital and print variety. Plans are underway to extend the collection of the library. The Library resources cover many disciplines, such as business, management, computer science, economics, environmental studies, English language and literature, history, culture, psychology, religion, sociology etc. The total numbers of books are in the five figures and are increasing every day. The library subscribes to 6 daily newspapers, 5 magazines.

Audio Visual Facilities

The United Library has comprehensive audio visual capabilities. It employs individual digital audio-video kiosks to allow students study and peruse from a collection of study material in DVC format

Services We Offer


Library is considered as the heart of any educational institution. This is why, from the beginning, UIU is giving a great emphasis to provide an excellent library service to its users. UIU Library is carrying out various activities to meet multidimensional needs of its users. The library authority is committed to its users to meet their all kinds of demands related to library services. The library is well-furnished with modern equipment and reading materials.


  1. Books, AVMs, weekly and monthly magazines, daily newspapers etc. are available in the library. You can borrow Books and AVMs, for a maximum of eight days except reference books and reserved materials.
  2. Users may use reference books and reserved materials inside the library or borrow only for three hours to photocopy them.
  3. The library is offering internet browsing facility to its members so that they are able to connect themselves with the information super high way and get the best opportunity to up-date themselves.
  4. Users can get reference service according to their need.
  5. Besides these, News clipping service, Current awareness service etc. are also given to the users, if necessary.

  6. Opening hours: Library services are available from 8.30 A.M. To 8.00 P.M. Library will remain closed on Thursday, Friday and other public holidays.

Library organizations

(a) Classification: Dewey Decimal Classification System is followed to classify library resources.
(b) Cataloging: Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, second edition (AACR-2) has been followed to catalogue the material


All students of the university will be able to be a member of the library. To become a member of the library, one has to follow the following procedures:
(a) Each student must have a valid authorization from the authority of the university.
(b)Each student must have to fill up a library membership form which is available at the library.
(c)Fines: Fines will be calculated if somebody doesn’t return books on time. Per day Tk. 3:00 only will be charged for each item.
(d)Penalty: *Books which won’t be returned within two months will be considered as lost and he/she must be obliged to pay the full replacement cost.
(e)Renewal: Each student will have to renew his/her member ID at the beginning of each semester.

Borrowing systems

# Each member will be able to borrow two books at a time only for one week.
# Nobody will be able to borrow books with other’s member ID.
# The borrower will be completely responsible for safe keeping of the materials borrowed and their return on time.
#To borrow books, all members will have to sign on the Book Cards.
# The Library authority will be able to change any rule at any time, if necessary.
# Mandatory: Before leaving United International University everyone should have a clearance from the library.


(a) All personal books, bags, umbrellas etc. must be left with the gatekeeper.
#Group study, discussion and gossiping are forbidden inside the library.
# Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited inside the library.

Library is a very important organ of an educational institution as well as a sacred place. That is why, no activity should perform that will disrupt the environment of the library.