Who we are

The primary mission of the United International University Library is to support and enhance the university's learning-centered educational, research, and public service activities. It aims to achieve information and scholarly resources that may help university students and faculty. The UIU Library provides a large number of services, including circulation, reference assistance, counseling, bibliographical documentation, backup services, and retrospective searches.

Computing Facilities

The IT services at United International University provide the university library with adequate facilities. Under the current arrangement, there are fully network-capable computers in the library that are connected to the internet and ready for use. This setup enables students to conduct digital research work. Additionally, there are outlets available for students to connect laptops and other electronic devices.

Digital Research

The United International University Library provides various mechanisms for digital research. Information can be found in diverse forms and formats. At the UIU Library, The user may access resources, including- books, CDs, journals, magazines, and a modern, customized database. The user may explore research materials, slides, and A/V cassettes, and search through multiple CD-ROM databases.

Periodicals and Publications

The United International University Library subscribes to a variety of periodicals and publications that hold academic, cultural, and ethical significance. These periodicals and publications are available in both digital and print formats. There are plans in progress to expand the library's collection. The library's resources cover a wide range of disciplines, including business, management, computer science, economics, environmental studies, English language and literature, history, culture, psychology, religion, sociology, and more. The total number of books exceeds five figures and continues to grow each day. Additionally, the library subscribes to seven daily newspapers and five magazines.

Audio Visual Facilities

The United International University Library boasts comprehensive audiovisual capabilities. It utilizes individual digital audio-video kiosks, enabling students to study and access the larger collection of study materials in DVC format.

Services We Offer


The library is regarded as the heart of any educational institution. UIU has always emphasis on providing excellent library services to its users. The UIU Library actively engages in various activities to cater to the multidimensional needs of its users. The library authority is dedicated to its user to meet all kinds of demands related to library services. It is equipped with modern facilities and a wide range of reading materials.


  1. The library offers a variety of resources like- books, audiovisual materials (AVMs), weekly and monthly magazines, and daily newspapers. Students can borrow books for a maximum of eight days, except for reference books and reserved materials. AVMs can borrow for three days.
  2. Users have the option to utilize reference books and reserved materials within the library or borrow them for three hours for photocopying purposes.
  3. Additionally, the library provides internet browsing facilities to its members, enabling them to access the vast realm of information and stay updated.
  4. Users can also avail themselves of reference services based on their individual needs.
  5. Furthermore, the library offers services like- bibliographical assistance, documentation service, and current awareness service, if required.

  6. Opening hours: Library services are available from 8.30 A.M. To 9.00 P.M. The library remains closed on Thursdays, Fridays, and other public holidays.

Library organizations

(a) Classification: The library follows the Dewey Decimal Classification System to classify its resources.
(b) Cataloging: The library adheres to the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, second edition (AACR-2), for cataloging the materials.


All university students are eligible to become members of the library. To obtain library membership, individuals must follow the procedures outlined below:
(a) Valid Authorization: Each student must possess a valid authorization from the university authority.
(b) Fines: Fines will be imposed for overdue books. A charge of Tk. 3 per day will be levied for each item.
(c) Penalty: Books that are not returned within two months will be considered lost, and the borrower will be required to pay the full replacement cost. For losing the book user can buy a new edition of the book or pay the actual price of the book with a 100% service charge
(d) Renewal: students must renew their membership ID at the beginning of each semester.

Borrowing systems

# Each member can borrow a maximum of two books at a time for eight days. They have the option to renew the books for an additional eight days.
# Borrowing books using another person's member ID is not permitted.
# The borrower assumes complete responsibility for the safekeeping of the borrowed materials and their timely return.
# To borrowing books, all members required to sign the Book Cards.
# The library authority reserves the right to change any rule at any time if deemed necessary.
# Mandatory: Before departing from United International University, everyone must obtain clearance from the library.

• • • •


All personal belongings such as books, bags, and umbrellas must be left with the gatekeeper.
#Group study, discussions, and gossiping are strictly prohibited inside the library.
#Eating, drinking, and sleeping are strictly prohibited inside the library.
#Sleeping is not allowed within the library.

The library holds significant importance within an educational institution and is considered a sacred place. Therefore, no activities should be carried out that would disrupt the library's environment.